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How it works SHIRTS

All our custom made shirts are tailored based on your measurements and preference. Each pattern is uniquely crafted for you, accounting for your fit preference, body measurements and posture. It's consultative process from start to finish. We're here to help. Book an online consultation or make an appointment at our Studio in SoHo, Hong Kong.


Fabrics & Custom Options
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Us to customize your order
(In the Studio or Online)


The invoice with preferred payment method and we start to craft


2-3 weeks

1. Browse the options

Start think about how you would like to customize your shirt(s) by browsing the options


Casual or Business?

Collar Designs

Spread or Button down?


Classic or Frensh placket front?

Pre-Order for FREE gift

Ready to shop today? Place a pre-order your preferred fabric and receive a free gift. All details and the collar design are decided when we meet. If you change your mind for the fabric we can help with that too.

Pre-order Fabric

2. Book consultation

We are happy to assist with all your questions, simply book a time slot that fits your schedule to select all details for your new garment.

3. Meet with us

We help all you to validate your measurements, fabric and design selection either through an online consultation or an in-person session at our Studio. For new customers, make sure to have a measurement tape and friend present that can help you with your measurements to be taken. Our regular clients' patterns are all saved for convenient future orders.

4. Confirm

We will send you an order confirmation, where you may settle the bill through your preferred payment method.

5. Delivery

After receiving your receipt, sit tight for just 2-3 weeks while we craft, quality control, and deliver your new favorite shirt (s).