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How it works — shirts


Our Made to Measure program enables you to focus on the important decisions. All shirts are crafted with Mother of Pearl buttons and fine tailoring. Choose between the following collar designs:

- Pointed
- Round
- Cut away
- Wide Cutaway
- Button down
- Banded


how it works shirts made to measure


The next step after selecting your collar design, is to decide your desired selection for:

1) Fit ( Tapered, Slim or Regular)
2) Placket design ( French or Classic)
3) Pocket / No pocket
4) Long or short sleeve 


We use fabrics from Thomas Mason to secure great value and quality. The British brand Thomas Mason was founded in 1796, and is known for only using the finest cotton in its fabrics. In 1992, the brand was acquired by the Albini Family of Bergamo, Italy, yet it still remains true to its British heritage.

Thomas Mason fabric made to measure


Check out our guide on how you take your measurements. You submit your measurements during the check out. Here, you will need the assistance of a friend to get accurate measurements. You can always contact our customer support for assistance in securing the correct measurements. For shirts, as you can see per our guide, we require 10 body measurements in total to craft a shirt with the perfect fit for you:

1. Neck
2. Shoulder
3. Back width
4. Chest
5. Stomach
6. Buttocks
7. Bicep
8. Wrist
9. Sleeve
10. Shirt length

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