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Dark Forrest Green Wool Scarf

Design Story

we wanted to create a collection of exclusive scarves at an inclusive price point. We got to work and the opportunity came to create a one-off woolen scarf. We opted for a powerful color that could match the sublime nature of this fabric. 

Our collection of scarves is made in Italy and designed in Sweden. 

For your consideration: this cashmere scarf is warm and comfortable, yet very light and agile, making it a versatile accessory to be worn at many occasions. 


  • 100% Wool
  • Made in Como, Italy
  • Length 160 cm  ( 176 including fringe ) 
  • Width: 31 cm

Customize - Selections

You can make following selections when we e-meet:

1. Leg Opening Style
2. Front Style 
3. Waistband details
4. Back Pockets
5. Button Color

We will guide you through the options and make the final garment details as your preference. Design and Fabric selection can also be changed at this point if you changed your mind on which one you want to order. 

Leg Opening Style

A -  Regular

B -  Cuff  4.5cm

Front style

A -  Regular
Select the Regular style for a minimalist and classic style.

B -  1 Pleate
The one pleated look give caracter to the pants and more room for comfort. Suits for both regular and high waist pants.

C -  2 Pleates
Great combination with the High waist pants and a style that offers most comfort around the hip 

Waist band details

A -  Minmalist
A clean waistband for a minimalist look. 

B -  Belt Loops
The most classic look and selection for the man who wear belts. Wearing a matching belt with your shoes is a great way to complete a suit outfit. 

C -  Side Adjusters
For a clean look with a nice detail. Makes it possible to adjust the waistband size based on feel.

* Six Inner buttons for suspenders is default for our high waist pants and possible to ad for any design. 

Back Pockets

A -  1 x Loop
One right side back pocket with loop closure.

B -  2 x Loop
Two back pockets with loop closure.

C -  1  x Buttonhole
One right side back pocket with button hole closure.

D -  2  x Buttonhole
Two back pockets with button hole closure.

Button color

A -  Tan
Light-brown genuine bone buttons with an embossed once a day print.

B -  Dark Brown
Brown genuine horn buttons with an embossed once a day print.

C -  Black
Black genuine horn buttons with an embossed once a day print.