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Custom Made

Are you looking for a fit beyond standard sizes, have a body that require longer sleeves and sloped shoulders or just want to change that pocket design? Well then you are in the right place!

Shirts, blazers, suit jackets, pants and shorts can all be ordered as "custom made"garments. How much you want to customize your garment is up to you.

Custom Design

Custom Size

Personal Pattern

Personal Guidance

Care Free Guarantee

How it works

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Ever thought about why most celebrities on the red carpet looks so sharp in their clothes ?
- Well they are made to fit them and their bodies. The shoulder line is never off, the chest never to small and the pants never too tight.


Having a garment that fits your body will make you look better. Casual and loose fitted garments can many times be bought from our standard size collection however for a fitted shirt or a formal suit we seldom have customers that fits the standard size. Therefore some of our garments can only be purchased as "Custom Made"

Maybe all you want is a longer pants or shorter shirt sleeves. HOWEVER- Most of our customers go all the way and invest a little bit more time to get a personal pattern crafted for them. * no extra charge and care free!

When you buy a "custom made" garment for the first time we have certain steps we need you to go through in order to make your personal pattern.

Each garment type has it's own process and for new customers we will start from scratch and for existing customer we may have to do parts of it to complete all information needed.

Learn more about the fitting process >

Everyone is different but so are garments. Casual and Loose fitted garments are crafted in a way that they fit many body types and easier to buy as standard size.


Standard sizes:
Casual shirts, blazers, Denim, Chinos and shorts

Custom Made:
Formal Suits, Business shirts and any garment for people that are have special body features such as long, short, large, skinny or muscular

All garments sold in standard sizes has a size chart so it is easy for you as a customer to compare to a garment you have at home that you know fit well. But in case you size 48 is perfect except the sleeves well then you have the chance to make that perfect too by ordering "custom made"

Yes, in order to book a meeting you need to enter your order number.

In the meeting you can change all details such as design, fabric or garment type. And in the case you change your mind before meeting us or during the meeting we will refund you.

We always book 1 hour to have enough time. A first time customer will need the whole hour but for a repeating customer that just want to make smaller adjustments it could be as quick as 5 min.

Repeating customers ordering same type of garment as once before and only want minor adjustments can contact us via whatsapp or email if preferable vs a video call.

This is your Favourite shirt at home. After you have ordered and before we have the video call we will ask you to measure your "reference shirt" and send us 3 photos wearing it. By Doing so we will have a great start to understand what you likes and what a great fit looks for you.

Based on the measurements of the shirt, your body measurements, your likings and our suggestion we will update that shirt and make your "NEWFAVOURITE SHIRT"and create your personal pattern for any future orders.

In case you want to order one business shirt and one casual shirt we may ask you to use two different reference shirts in case you have that.

Don't have a shirt or anyone that you like ?No Problem we will use any shirt as a reference or a T-shirt.

By following our measurement guide and the support from one of your friends and one of our experts we will take your measurements together live during the video call.

In this way we will be able to guide your and your friend and make sure the measurements are taken correctly. This part of the process is very important especially for suits and the reason we want to meet you live.

For Shirts there are occasions when we wont needyour body measurements and instead use the reference shirt as a bench mark. In that case we will let you know before the meeting but for first time clients ordering "custom made" we almost always do measurements.

Part of it, YES!

We can use the body measurement that we got making your suit so this time it will be much quicker but we still need you to submit the measuring of your "reference shirt" before having the video call with us.

Read more about > reference shirt


After you placed your order selecting "Custom Made" size you will book your online meeting with us. In the meeting you will be able to change all details, measurements and even the fabric.

Some changes may result in an adjusted price but in that case we will let you know before you decide.

In case you change your mind and no longer want the garment you can cancel before or during the meeting and we will refund you. ( * May not apply to special offers). For more details please read more in the > return policy

- For existing customers buying the same garment type as before and only wants to make minor changes to either the design or fit that can easly be communicated and confirmed via whatsapp or email.

- For NEW customers buying custom made size or when existing customers are buying a new type of garment we need, want and look forward to meet you via a video call.

Well this question will be answered differently depending on who you ask but let us tell you how we see it:

We believe in a great fit and great value. This is the reason we started once a day and why we offer the "custom made" size as an option.

For us, custom made means we craft a garment with the great value in line with other of the rack garments but with a fit and quality as close to a tailor made as possible.

OTR- Of the rack/ standard sized garments Can be crafted with a great quality and value, hence the reason we also offer this for many of our products. However there are limitations to what alterations you can make and for some body types or some garments like business suits it is rare the fit meats what we find the "minimum approval". A suit can be crafted perfectly with a amazing fabric but if the fit is off the final garment is not worth buying.

Tailor Made- Is the old way of crafting clothes and a true tailor made suit should be seen as an art piece. A good tailored suit is normally made from hand made patterns, hand made crafted details, and several fittings to get every detail and angle perfect. A true tailored suit will take over 40h to make hence the high price tag and few places to buy these art pcs.

CUSTOM MADE by once a day - is our definition of a garment with great craftsmanship, great fit for a great value. For crafting we use high technology machines with hand made details where needed not to loose the final touch. We use digital patterns to get the best accuracy and to be able to save and repeat customer orders. We invest time in the customer process to meet you live to not only guide the customer and get the body measurements right but also to see the posture and body types so we can adjust the patterns accordingly.

The posture Matter:

Custom Made, Made to Measure, Bespoke....There are many names out there for processes to take measurements and design a garment and understandably hard to know the difference and what matters.

We can not talk enough about the importance of the posture analyze and adjustments to your personal pattern accordingly. Only adjusting measurements won't give you a great fit for any business shirt, suit or fitted garment.

We thrive for agreat fit for agreat value rather than perfection and that is what once a day CUSTOM MADE is all about

Custom Made vs Standad Size


> Chest too small

> Shoulders line is off, to small

> Customer has sloped shoulders but shirts does not


> Shoulder line is spot on

> Chest and waist fits perfectly

> A larger collar makes the neck look skinnier

> The angle for the shoulders is adjsuted to remove foldings in the back

The Design options






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